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 Critter Wisdom - TALENTS Point to Your PURPOSE“Wisdom of the Owl”

What is the magic elixir everyone is looking for these days? It’s passion, isn’t it? Find your passion, do what you love, live your bliss and everything falls into place. But, and here’s the rub, if you really want to achieve your ultimate success you simply must first uncover your talents and honor them!

Your talents are the signposts that point directly to your life purpose.

But, what are your natural talents? If you’re struggling with this, you’re not listening. Now, I’m not talking about listening to me, experts and gurus, or the “wisdom” that is all around outside of us. The world is full of advice, strategies, experts and wisdom. In fact, we’re overflowing with this type of “wisdom.” And rather than help us, it clouds the issue.

What I’m saying is you’re not listening to your “inner owl” who knows. You’re not paying attention to your truth, that wisdom that’s revealed from within! Living life with real sense of purpose and passion begins with that kind of listening.

The Path to Your Magic Elixir

Here is the path you must take before you find true passion and live life’s magic. Embrace this process and things become easy … almost automatic. Take these steps:

  • Know Your Talents
  • Embrace Your Purpose
  • Steer Your Emotions (Passion)

But, how do we make this work? Let’s break them down, one by one.

1. Discover and Honor Your Talents

Schools offer tests that reveal your talents and interests. Private industry offers them too. It’s likely that you’ve taken some of these tests. If you haven’t, consider doing so now. Alternatively, you can just witness yourself. What did you do as a child, especially between the ages of 7 and 14? What do you love to do in your spare time now? Do some self assessment and open your mind.

But here’s the most important thing, honor what you learn about yourself. You must honor your talents. Those hidden talents of yours are a goldmine. They point the way to your purpose in life.

2. Embrace Your Purpose

Your talents point to your purpose. They represent your potential value. When you use your natural talents, you express your inborn worth. You’re taking your value out into the world. Embracing your purpose results from actually expressing your talents.

This kind of action results in a growing sense of purpose and energizes you. You tap into the Universe’s power and you stop blocking the flow. You begin to feel an emotional tie to your life purpose.

3. Steer Your Emotions

Once emotion starts to boil up, be careful! Emotion without direction, like a symphony orchestra without a conductor, can lead to distractions, confusion, and overwhelm. Be that conductor, continue to tap into the inner owl and stay true to your talents. This will help you steer your actions and emotions and will lead to natural, unforced passion that will sustain you through thick and thin.

And that’s the ultimate in success.

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2 comments on “TALENTS Point to Your PURPOSE

  1. Amber Geislinger on said:

    I received this message first from a dream last night; it led me here. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for a very thought provoking article. however, I have a question; I don’t recall taking any tests between 7 and 14 to reveal my talents and interests, can you recommend any private organisations that do this.
    thank you.


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