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How to Tap Your Inner Strength and Live with Confidence

Critter Wisdom - How to Tap Your Inner Strength and Live with ConfidenceWhen Do You Soar with Confidence?

It’s a messy world. Surprises lurk around every corner. Life races on and leaves little time for the things we must do or really want to do. How can we possibly handle all the world throws at us? It’s a chaotic jumble that has us shrinking away and disconnecting when we should be engaging all the more.

Yet, there are those who seem to thrive on it.

From generals to soldiers, presidents to supervisors, and captains of industry to entrepreneurs, there are those among them that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Titans, icons, heroes … men and women who, when challenged with incredible turmoil, rise above it all with unwavering courage and an uncommon conviction.

They seem oblivious to the dangers the rest of the world runs from.
Then there are the spiritual leaders like Jesus, the Buddha, and the icons like Mother Theresa. They, too, are “worlds apart” when it comes to dealing with challenges.

Let’s lay it out here. There are two primary ways to achieve such power and stamina. Two ways which have proven to work throughout time. But, only one way brings complete, sustainable, and life-enriching success when dealing with challenges.

Neither is easy to attain yet one is worth every moment you spend to develop it. And therefore, the process itself is what enriches you. You can follow either path … which will you want?

1. Training, Discipline & Strength of Will

“All hail the King.”

There is the way of the warrior. It’s the way of the mind in charge … ruler of circumstance and manipulator of situations. This is the system we have around us. I call it the Ego-System.

In the Ego-System, “King Mind” rules. Through discipline, force of will, societal structure and physical power, King Mind can rally the troops and engage the forces through authority, subtle manipulations, and sometimes intense training. I’m not just talking about the military. The system is endemic in all human structures: governments, corporations, and the way leadership is taught.

And whether we’re “captains” or galley mates, we’re all a part of this mind-in-charge ego-system. (Even if we don’t buy into it.)

The Ego-System is a force to be reckoned with. It’s not true power but certainly a force for getting things done. With proper training, discipline and aptitude, one can even rise to the top and experience the same Clint Eastwood toughness exhibited by those iconic leaders I referred to earlier.

But, there’s another way. I believe a much better, more conscious way. The “Critter Wisdom” way.

2. Living from Purpose and Enlightenment

Can opposite tactics produce the same results? The short answer is yes. But with even better results. Living your purpose while constantly seeking enlightenment will lead to same power we’re after. Here, “The King” is dead. In the ego-system, our training had us believing what “they” would have us believe. Enlightened living allows us to know from the heart and not from the system-conditioned mind.

To the enlightened, popular leaders of the Ego-System are exposed for their forced agendas and lies. “The Emperor has no clothes.” Truth is revealed from our inextricable connection to Nature and the Universe. Self discovery and self empowerment are found within our Inner Being.

External Power vs. Internal Power

Our Inner Being is where we can find sustainable power to rise above it all. Our internal power comes from our connecting to “Source” or inner critter as I like to call it. Doing this allows us to play a different game. We can excel at it without having to “win.” It’s not about winning in the Inner Game of life.

In the Ego-System, your power comes from outside of you. Power is gained from accomplishments, victories, wealth accumulation and often times manipulation. You earn it through physical and mental efforts or it’s somehow granted to you. The enlightened way taps into our inner wisdom. It’s tapping into the source power of the Universe. Powered by the source, connected to source, you simply don’t need these physical things to feel and be empowered.

No longer do you need to take years with untold struggles to “earn” your stripes and move up the Ego-System’s ladder of success to have the power to handle life around you. Your inner strength comes from your internal power.

Captaining Your Fate with Source Power

The world isn’t revolving and rotating faster. Days, months and years are not getting shorter. No, it’s us. We’re bringing it on ourselves. We’re piling it on! All we have to do is stop.

Stop defining your worth based on physical accomplishments. Stop trying to do everything at once. Stop trying to climb the ladder the ego-system has put in front of you. Stop buying into all that crap! Access your Higher Self to reach your source power. Placing too much importance on the physical takes away from source living and our connection to real power.

When you access your inner strength (inner critter,) the world slows to YOUR pace. You are connected constantly to reality, to Source, to the Universe and you call the shots. You’re engaged! The need for more time, discipline, time management and self control vanishes! All these things slough off like water off a ducks back.

You’re a captain of industry without employees, a King or Queen without subjects, an entrepreneur in the game of life without needing to be an “Eastwood” poster child.

You’re a winner that doesn’t have to win. And that’s true inner strength.

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3 comments on “How to Tap Your Inner Strength and Live with Confidence

  1. Farnoosh on said:

    Ah another beautiful and powerful post about confidence and the inner (and outer) powers. Well-written, Carmelo. I like your writing voice.

  2. Carmelo Bryan on said:

    Thank you Farnoosh! That means a lot. I think it takes a lot of reminders for us to wean ourselves away from everything we’ve assumed was truth. Thanks for dropping by!

    • matheresaapawan on said:

      Hi Melo,

      It was just overwhelming for me to find your corner. I have had the same experiences with you. Your mindboogling little corner made my heart swoon with laughter and happiness. Ha, ha, ha we are not alone in this world.
      God bless and more power to you.

      Ma. Theresa

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