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How much better would your life be if you could …

  • Make life more effortless and fun
  • Enjoy Business and work more than ever before
  • Build Relationships that were more fulfilling

These are things we all strive for. Yet they can remain as elusive as trying to pluck a flitting butterfly out of the air with a pair of tweezers … while blindfolded.

My name is Carmelo Bryan and I have had my share of challenges like these over my career as an entrepreneur. And after conversations with hundreds of achievers and high achievers over the years, I know that it’s likely you have too. I believe things can be different … we can catch the “butterfly.”

Critter Wisdom is my way of taming that butterfly. Or, better yet, it’s my way of allowing it and all the benefits it metaphorically represents into our lives. Playfulness, fun, enjoyment, and great relationships are within our grasp. We just need to have a clear focus and view things a bit differently.

So, in the spirit of connection I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery. A journey to find more clarity and purpose. To set us on a higher path that inspires us!

Let’s delve into the vast and powerful realm of our Inner Beings together, where our own personal answers reside. And rest easy, this page will not ask you to buy a thing. After all, you already have the answers. This site is about helping you draw out those answers for yourself.

Forward Thinking Entrepreneurs Like You

It’s quite likely that you and I are a lot alike. We’re independent leaders. We want so much more for ourselves and for the world. We’re often positive thinkers. We tend to look forward to bigger things, brighter experiences, and happier times. Yet, it hasn’t been easy. Why? Being optimistic, while a good trait to have, isn’t enough.

In fact, it can have the reverse effect. Our forward thinking and a positive mental attitude can cause us to fall prey to the dreams and goals of others! Incredibly, our independent nature is the very thing that can actually create the dependency we think we’re avoiding.

If that sounds a little crazy, read on … you’ll see what I mean.

In this journey called life, options come at us fast! How do we decide what’s best? It’s crazy hard sometimes. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lose our way. We grasp for “solutions” that fail us. We look for experts that can give us answers. It happened to me … has it happened to you? Critter Wisdom reveals ways it can happen without our even realizing it!

If you are like other high achievers, I bet you’ll relate to the following:

  • How often have you felt that you have to multi-task to get things done?
  • Have you invested way more money in marketing and business opportunities than you’ve received in value or monetary returns?
  • Do you abandon one “sure thing” when the next “sure thing” comes along?
  • Does it excite you to find the next guru who seems to have the answer? Only to have your head turned by yet another?
  • Are you high one day and bouncing along the bottom the next?
  • Do you harbor the hope that the next solution will finally end the confusion, set you on your path to riches and bail you out of your mess?

I’m sure you can think of at least a half dozen more situations you’ve found yourself in. And you’re probably sick and tired of it. I know I was.

Imagine how it would be if, despite all the hustle and bustle and distractions, you could virtually slow the world down to a manageable speed. Imagine having crystal clear focus. Imagine making confident choices when life presented its forks in the road. What if you could automatically relax, review your options, make that tough choice and know that it will serve you well on your journey of discovery?

With the backdrop of Nature (and her critters,) along with some good techniques and a little practice, you will.

What is Critter Wisdom all About?

Let’s get real. What do critters have to do with anything when it comes to entrepreneurism, success, and living the good life? By now you’re probably asking …

  • Why Nature?
  • Why the critters?
  • What’s this all about?

Am I really asking you to follow the lead of Nature and take your queues from critters? Well … yes, I am. But this blog and these messages are not about success as we know it. I’m not going to tell you how to start a business, build a business, or make a fortune. It’s not about that although that may certainly result.

This blog is about you. It’s about how to find your purpose, gain focus and find out who you really are and why you’re really here. Not from a religious standpoint but from a very personal standpoint completely unique to you.

My mission is to help you unearth the meaning and purpose of life while you consciously utilize your talents. Not because I have all the answers, I most certainly don’t. But, as you can read in my bio, I share my journey of discovery. Along the way, I happened on a path that changed my life. And when you find your path, your life will change too.

I’ll lead you to search deep within yourself using Nature as a resource. I’ll help you find the peace and joy and richness that you really want which have been hidden beneath the drive for the things you’ve only thought you wanted. You’re after a richer success. It’s what your higher self wants and Nature can lead you to it. If you’re listening.

A Better Perspective

Nature provides a completely different vantage point from which we can learn so much about life and success. As kids, we somehow knew this. Most of our lessons and stories about life were presented to us from the perspective of animals, insects … well, critters of all sorts. But as we grew up and embraced the world of competition, aggression, inventions, money making and “success,” we “got real” as they say and left this child’s play behind.

But we also left our connection to Nature, our very souls, behind. We covered it up in layers of “false selves” to the extent we’ve forgotten completely. There’s even little or no awareness of it anymore.

I can’t know about you, but some will remember Walt Disney and his TV show, “The Wonderful World of Disney” that aired every Sunday night at 7:30. Walt and his team of creators and artists would magically transform our world for an hour. Jiminy Cricket would sing about his dreams and wish upon a star, Donald Duck would squawk about his friends and his frustrations, and Mickey Mouse would see the brighter side of just about everything.

At age seven, I fell in love with that show – that grandfather figure. From behind his office desk, Walt touched our souls with stories and provided us with visions of wonder. From his unique perspective, he gave us hope. And it was magical. Kids have been learning from animated critters and Nature ever since. But, it’s just appropriate for kids, right? I don’t think so.

My question for you is why does learning from Nature have to stop just because we’ve grown up? After asking myself that question a hundred times, I concluded it doesn’t. Further, I believe it shouldn’t! I believe our deep connectin to Nature and her critters rovdes the best perspective for living life to the fullest. Could it be the right perspective for you?

The world of nature is an uncluttered world. It’s pure. It lives its own pace. Despite the surface altercations of survival and the preservation of the entire “system,” there is a methodical, peaceful joy that pervades the entire world of critters and Nature herself. Over time, we humans have pulled away from that peace and order … much to our detriment in my opinion.

I want to bring us back to our core. I want us to find that peace. I want us to rediscover our Inner Being that Nature so intelligently gave to us. That’s my mission my purpose. And it’s because of this mission that I bring you “Critter Wisdom” and its characters … The Owl, The Ant, The Grasshopper, and The Turtle.

I’m thrilled you’re here!

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What Makes Carmelo Bryan Tick?

I’ve always loved the mountains. I grew up in Southern California at the foot of Mt. Wilson in the San Gabriel range. I gazed upon that mountain and all the surrounding mountains thousands of times. And every time I could, I’d make a trek by car or foot up into the mountains or even just the foothills. It was a great escape from the “big city metropolis” that is southern California.

There was one such trip when I was about 18 that I’ll never forget. On the surface, you may think it of little consequence, but it was life changing in its own way.

A group of us journeyed up to Henninger Flats for a day hike. My best friend and I, temporary separated from the rest, were relaxing at a nice view spot overlooking what is referred to as the Los Angeles basin. Quite a sight, really, especially on the smogless day that it was. Then I noticed my friend Rob wasn’t looking where he was supposed to be looking. Instead he was looking across the gorge behind us to a grass-covered hillside about 300 or more yards away.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He just stared without answering. I turned back to see the vast expansive view of the endless connected cities below us … Altadena, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Monrovia, Glendale, Alhambra, Arcadia, and the list goes on and on.  A few minutes later Rob poked me and said, “look, over there, about half way up that hillside …” I saw only the dry, golden grasses which are so common in western state summers.

“What am I supposed to see?” I asked. “It’s a deer!” he answered in a whisper as if talking out loud could disturb the critter at this distance.

Now, we city boys didn’t have that much experience with wildlife. When I looked, I couldn’t see it. I doubted him. A deer? Not likely, this is LA! I even wondered if I cared all that much. Then I noticed a certain respect in his eyes and in his voice as he insisted I keep looking. He was transfixed. After several minutes of staring, there it was! A deer, lying still in the tall grass, barely visible, occasionally turning its head from side to side. For some reason it touched me. The moment touched me.

Here was something wild and free on the edge of everything rushed, commercial, and constricted. In that moment, time stopped. There was a great beauty in what was happening. A beauty I’d never understood before.

It just wasn’t me to notice these things. I thought of the many car trips I’d taken with the family. Driving through the country sides with my father at the wheel. These were not sight seeing drives. I thought of how he was always focused on the goal of getting wherever we were going, never seeing the sights, never noticing nature. Mom would occasionally point something out … Dad never saw it. I took after my Dad.

Nature, that deer, and Rob changed all that. It took some time and reminders but I began to see things. I began to notice the wonders of Nature and her shear beauty. Her purity. It opened up my world. Rob did me a great favor that day many years ago.

Had Rob taught me how to find happiness? It certainly was a start. A simple act by an observant friend, something for which I’ll always be grateful.

A Full and Happy Life

Now, decades later, I have an ever deepening respect for Nature and its critters. And I appreciate the connection we all have, whether we realize it or not. And I’m eager to share the many lessons we can learn from thinking differently … thinking and observing from the viewpoint of this peaceful, pure perspective.

After all these years, I have discovered something powerful. I’ve discovered that it certainly is possible to be happy every day. Living life to the fullest is a daily adventure that doesn’t have to involve activities as much as it involves appreciation. A full and happy life comes from within, not from “out there” somewhere. It’s not about what happens. Our perspective is everything. And Nature’s critters can provide many clues.

In Carmelo’s Bio you’ll find that I’ve had a very divergent personal and professional history. From playing college basketball, to raising a family, to inventions, to sales and marketing, to starting successful and unsuccessful companies, and to advising and coaching people on finances, homebuilding, and relationships, I feel I have so much to draw upon and so much to share with you.

At the very least it gives me a unique perspective and the personal experience to shed some light on life and the meaning of success. And in today’s fast-paced world where we’re no longer in close contact with parents, teachers, and other potential guides, this kind of experience and leadership can make a huge difference in your life. I’m here for you.

Connecting With You

What about you? Have you ever wished for a mentor, or just a personal guide to help you with life’s decisions? By sharing my insights and experiences, perhaps you can see me as someone to help you navigate through the often murky waters of relationships, business issues, and marketing tactics. I want to connect with you.

Have you sought after a resource that would help you live a fuller, richer life? My goal with this site and my writing is to be that resource for you.

With “Critter Wisdom” I truly hope to help you finally gain clarity about your direction, your purpose, and your place in this world of business, and in the experience of life. Please be sure to subscribe to Critter Connection for weekly inspiration right to your best email address. This way, you’ll also be sure to be notified when we’ve updated the blog or make an announcement. (Or, if a critter just wants a word with you!)

I want to connect and learn about YOU. What personal potential are you perhaps hiding from? Put another way, what haven’t you discovered about yourself yet? What were you born to do? Finding your truth and spending your time and energy only where they do the most good, starts with a better awareness about yourself.

Do you really know yourself? Are you aware of your amazing power and the resources you have within you?

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Your Nearly Limitless Potential

Here’s something most of us completely miss. You’re naturally connected to the answers you seek. You’ve just covered them up, locked them away, and forgotten about them. This site is your reminder. Your truth, your peace, your joys are all deep within your Inner Being. You are a high achiever.

It’s your connection to your truth that makes you truly unstoppable. Your wishes and dreams can come true once you tap into that power within. I want to help you along the way through education, instruction, motivation and inspiration.

So, listen to the “Critter within you.” It’s the voice of truth, your truth. It’s the real you yearning to see the light of day. It’s the part of you that is constantly reaching for that better life, peace, joy, purpose, happiness. Let’s go there together.

Peace and joy are the foundations upon which a nearly effortless life and rewarding business successes are built. Not to mention rich, fulfilling relationships. Keep a positive outlook! A life of unbounded success is far nearer to you than you think.

Access your Inner Being where optimism resides. Express it. Let’s discover your story and the greatness inside. After all, isn’t that why you’re reading this right now?

YOU are a Natural. Step up and be the Critter Within.

This is your time.

Carmelo Bryan

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  1. Such a content-rich and powerful site…I plan on sharing your wisdom with my own growing audience! BTW, I found you from a comment on the NPC 4.0 site, which I just joined. Best wishes and hope we can connect in the near future, Debi

  2. Carmelo Bryan on said:

    Hey Debi … really awesome. Thank you very much for dropping by and your kind words. Looking forward to connecting and I wish you great success with your work.

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